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Welcome to the weird side of Boston!

From the seat of the magi Consilium in old Salem, to the oft neglected thresholds of its power, to locations much farther afield, Boston is a Hub for things supernatural, all playing on a stage of secrets and conspiracies erected in the distant past.

  • A young college student is kidnapped in the city, and someone (or something) much like her miraculously appears at home on the other side of the world.
  • A pair of divers go missing off the coast of Manchester, MA and a demon is discovered trapped in a stone standing beneath their boat.
  • A strange church, its pastor driven to collect the dreams of his flock, takes root in the little village of New Salem.
  • A sudden shift in the faith of local sleepers prompts deep concern within the secret communities of the city.

The Lore of the Land

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Off Site Info

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Main Page

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