1 Leonard Ckt

1 Leonard Ct., Dorchester

  • The price was a ‘firm’ $346K, which is high for the neighborhood.
  • It only has 3 bedrooms, but it has a large yard.
  • It was purpose built by an Awakened in 1900, which may explain its odd lot shape and the fact that it interrupts Leonard St.
    • The original owner was a shaman who apparently predicted the formation of the hallow there and cultivated gardens to influence the resonance of the land and to collect the tass.
    • His cabal, and hereditary ones after it, passed the house from mage to mage until recently.
    • The most recent owner stopped gardening and grew other, more creative crops, in his basement to gather the tass. He and his ‘farm’ crossed paths with the Consilium badly about a year ago and he has since lost the house to the bank.
    • It should be noted that the bank was refusing bids from sleepers, and was also asking for 500 measures of tass, or a similar arrangement from an Awakened buyer.
  • The house possesses a strong hallow (3) and it’s tass collects in growing things around the property (and, occasionally, on the neighbors property), making it very useful.
  • The hallow seems to draw some strange attention to itself. Police call records indicate that neighbors have claimed to see ‘aliens’, strange looking men, and exceptionally large dogs on and around the property.


The view from Leonard St.


The view in the Shadow.

The property, somewhat larger seeming on the Shadow side of the Gauntlet, is surrounded by hedges with only a single visible break in them. Two rows of trees with bare branches, surrounded by smaller plants, stand covered with snow, marking a path through a frozen garden. These things all have a slightly surrealistic quality to them, less than solid, as though they were painted in place to suggest their presence. Before the property (where the street would be) stand a cluster of cherubic statues and at the far end is a gazebo1 , both of which seem more solid and ‘material’ than the rest of scene.

A string of singularly large rabbit tracks dot the snow along the path, along with wisps from something else which may have glided over it’s surface.

1 Leonard Ckt

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