Deborah Mack & Husband

A Dabler in Vodun and her Man.


“We bought this place in ‘79. You can’t see ‘em too good right now, but my gardens were almost featured in Boston Magazine a few years back. We raised both our kids here, held our son’s wake here, and stuck together here. We’d never once considered selling until your call.

“Now this ain’t the nicest neighborhood in the city. Like I said, we lost our son, Michale, to a gang in ‘95 a few blocks over. Honest, I don’t know why a man like yourself is even lookin’ at this neighborhood. But we’ve always been safe here, in this house. It’s got a reputation, ya know. My mother practiced Vodun, so don’t think I’m crazy, but it’s like there’s a spirit looking over us here. Feels to me like the den of a lion. I don’t fear it, but I can feel it; protecting it’s home. Our home.”

“What’s your interest in this place, anyway?”


The former owners & residents of 2 Leonard Ct

Deborah Mack & Husband

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