Awakened Boston - Shadows of the New World

Updates between sessions: Home Inspection

1 Leonard Ct

Home Inspection

Now that the menace of the Abyssal mind f**k has passed, Alexandria has the time to check out the new house from her own particular angle. [I’m assuming that this inspection occurs some time prior to dinner with the Macks.]

Reaching out with her primal senses, Alex feels the presence of a little more life in the house than she might wish for. A few spiders and their chitinous kin have found refuge in the corners, especially in the cellar and the tiny attic space. And, while the cold has slowed their growth, fungi seem to be in greater abundance than she’d like. Nothing that a work of Will can’t snuff out quickly though. Even a little elbow grease and some Raid would have done the job.

With the ‘dirty work’ finished, Alex focuses on piercing the veil that separates this world from the spirit’s and sees:

The Shadow of 1 Leonard Ct., as seen from Leonard St.

The property, somewhat larger seeming on the Shadow side of the Gauntlet, is surrounded by hedges with only a single visible break in them. Two rows of trees with bare branches, surrounded by smaller plants, stand covered with snow, marking a path through a frozen garden. These things all have a slightly surrealistic quality to them, less than solid, as though they were painted in place to suggest their presence. Before the property (where the street would be) stand a cluster of cherubic statues and at the far end is a gazebo1 , both of which seem more solid and ‘material’ than the rest of scene.

A string of singularly large rabbit tracks dot the snow along the path, along with wisps from something else which may have glided over it’s surface.

1 – I’m fairly certain that gazebo is the wrong word for this structure, but I couldn’t find the right word for it. There’s a BP for anyone who can clue me in.


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