Awakened Boston - Shadows of the New World

Seance, meeting with Prince Scarlet

At the seance…. Wednesday night (the 26th).

On the table: rum, knife for drawing blood, cigars… Alex has brought rum, duck eggs, grave dirt…

Ritual begins. Patrick starts to see “potential” manifesting earliest, a crossroads suggesting something of importance is to be decided. This sense persists. Cigars lit going around, then the knife is passed. Then she begins intoning, calling the Lion. There is a sense of something sort of like a spell being cast, but less “crisp” and less strong. Alex sees a piece of Debra’s will reaching out “through a window” into the shadow.

With Grim Sight, Declan and Keegan see that Debra Mack has been close to death in some way, and it left a mark or scar on her aura. As she is calling, there is also a sense of a ghost stirring, listening to what she is doing.

She is passing on her bond with the spirit to us, as she will be moving on (selling the house to us). She speaks her words and then pauses to listen. She receives some kind of response, and smiles, and says he agrees. She blesses “this partnership” “may this alliance bear fruit as long as it shall last”. “He’s welcomed you” “seemed almost eager.”

(Alex hears the response from the spirit. It’s a bit squeaky, not lion-like. But it is pleased by the alliance.)

Alex and Debra spend some additional time discussing matters of voodoo, etc. Alex receives the cloth with the blood “as a symbol of our agreement”, and also just to avoid a loose connection to us.

Afterwards, review what other things are on our plate.

  • The church in Mexico for leads.
  • The church in New Salem, especially for things with sympathetic connections to the church in Mexico.
  • Also, will want to arrange a meeting with the “Lion” spirit on our own, so we can talk directly.
  • Friday is our meeting with Prince Scarlet.

Decide to sit tight, work on house, etc on Thursday. Not get caught up in something long that will keep us from the meeting. Start working on moving; expect that everyone will be moved into new house by end of March.

We do stop by and meet with Bina Thursday night. Discuss concerns about meeting with the vampires. Meetings are apparently rare. Prince Scarlet normally met directly with the Nemean.

Desmond will not be present with us for the meeting with the vampires, but will give us mental defenses, and will check us for any untoward mental influences afterwards.

Keegan casts Grim Sight ritually to prepare. Three hour ritual, 1 success towards duration (1 day), 4 towards potency. Also, armor, Suppress Aura.

The restaurant is in a nice built-up business neighborhood. 123 Stewart St. Tantric Bistro.

Our objectives in the meeting:

  • dealing with changes
  • - Gray Pope
  • - items from La Iglesio Del Evangelio Rojo in Mexico
  • she may want to bring up the court in Lawrence to use us against them

Questions that could be pursued:

  • does she know what the Nemean is up to?
  • does she know about the Harvard ties?
  • how have things changed for the courts?

Arrive at the entrance, everyone here appears alive. Show the hostess the invite, they promptly lead us through the dining area, through the kitchen, through another door, into a hallway (a couple of freezers on one side, offices on other), continue down, double-doors on office side. She opens the door. There’s a long banquet table inside. Room is nicely decorated, high-backed plush chairs, assortment of drinks. Near side, seats are empty. Far side, five seats are taken. Table is big enough for 20.

Prince Scarlet in middle. On each side, a couple of attractive youngish not-dead women. At ends, pair of not-alive men. We have seen all these people at the Prudential meeting.

Scarlet stands, greets us in Gaelic. “10,000 welcomes”. But then switches to English, apologizes that her Gaelic is rusty.

Small talk. She brings up the Prince of Lawrence. “He was the old prince’s lapdog.” “And very loyal it turned out in the end. Zuriel finally fell and it turned out he didn’t have a place in Boston anymore.”

Alex pushes for more information on his “zealotry”. “There is a branch of our kind who feel we are divinely cursed” and chosen. “Divinely inspired predators.”

Prince Florentino of Lawrence has grown very bold lately. Prince Scarlet says she is thinking it may be time to put an end to him. This is her first and more immediate goal. But the changes have caused numerous smaller problems for her. Some of the changes have made her life difficult. Florentino being just one of them. The attitudes of the people in the city, their sudden reverence to God… inconvenient and disruptive.

She is primarily looking for assistance getting to Florentino. She knows generally where he is, but if she sends her people to look, they cam be detected. And when the time comes to strike, perhaps “sharpen our blades if nothing else.” In return, open-ended offer for what muscle and ability she has when it comes to taking out the Gray Pope and his forces.

Alex asks why us, and not others she has dealt with in the past? Scarlet would have asked the Nemean, but in his absence, her relationship with his successor (who we know is Tiamat) is “considerably more cold.”

When we bring up the need for things tied to the Prince if we are to track him, Scarlet says, “Florentino has a very particular way of binding his subjects to him, which involves imbibing some of his essence.” Perhaps that creates a sympathetic link.

We agree to discuss this with the other members of our cabal, but no agreement yet beyond that. Best way to contact her? She gives us a business card. Call and leave a message when you have made a decision, and leave me a way of getting in touch with you. Card is for “Forever Young Day Spa” in Metheun.

Some chit-chat while Declan eats (and Keegan to a lesser degree). Declan asks about the title of Prince. Vampires are conservative, even though they now accept female rulership, they pretend things haven’t changed. Alex asks about her name, Scarlet. “It’s not my given name, but it suits my look. Years ago I was known by the name of Keeva.” (Which is Gaelic — might be spelled Caoimhe.)

We feel a sudden and potent act of Will. Shortly afterwards down the hallway, a whoosh. Alex: “Not your trap?” Scarlet: “No.” They stand. The male vampire pulls a shotgun from under the table, and the two women pull pistols. They will be leaving the back way, we follow.

Cast Alter Efficiency on our guns on the way out… 3 successes (+3 dice).

Get out into alley. There are 3 figures there, at the near end, hidden by a dumpster.

One of them opens fire with a shotgun. Shoots the male vampire (Kyle) in Scarlet’s entourage. Serious hit.
Scarlet shoots that guy (with her pistol).
Alex distracts one of them (in the dumpster) with rats.
Keegan shoots the guy in the dumpster. (7)
Kyle shoots back. Decent hit, reeling (was already hit by Scarlet). Drops shotgun and moves across alley. Pulls a knife.
Guy in dumpster does something to Keegan… points gun and fixes his gaze. There is a feeling of exercise of power and shiver of fear, like looking at my demise. Passes quickly, does not paralyze with fear…. Yawn, seen my demise before.
Elaine (human associate of Scarlet) shoots towards dumpster, hits dumpster.
Natalie (other human associate) also misses.
Patrick calls Desmond and moves up.

Scarlet moving away, shoots middle guy. Moving fairly fast.
Bad guy with shotgun shoots at Kyle, misses.
Alex’s rats keep biting. Alex shoots him.
Keegan steps up to dumpster, shoots guy in dumpster. (6)
Kyle closes, attacks with knife, deals severe damage, nearly disabling one arm.
Middle guy backs up to narrow exit from alley. Shoots Alex… 8 damage. Also some kind of effect/magic, but moot, she drops.
Declan moves to Alex, stabilizes her.
Elaine shoots guy in corner, as she backs away.
Natalie does the same, misses.
Guy in melee with Kyle disappears.
Patrick tries to give the guy in the dumpster some bad luck.

Scarlet closes with the dumpster halfway down the alley in seconds and shoots the guy in it. Hits.

Breaking session off here…. Current status, one guy in dumpster has been hit a few times but still up. One guy backing out alley corner, shooting. One guy invisible and heavily damaged, I can see him with Grim Sight slinking towards the same alley corner (with a narrow exit).


Another potential spelling of Prince Scarlet’s name in Gaelic would be Caoibhe


And just because I care about these things, it’s an Ulster Irish name

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