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The Red Word of God

What church benefits from the changes? All of them, apparently. Churches of all denominations, temples, mosques, ashrams, and just about every other place to gather and worship are regularly full to capacity during services and ceremonies. And the record reflects that it’s been this way around the Hub for as far back as records have been kept. New Englanders have always been the church going sort, it seems, and tradition dies hard. You’ll have to consult someone with a better memory than The Globe to hear otherwise; perhaps an Awakened memory.

The most glaring and obvious result of your search for the Red Word finds:, but it doesn’t take long before you conclude that this isn’t the ‘red word’ you’re looking for.

There are plenty of other references to ‘Red Word’ on the nets, but almost all of them seem to be referring to the red ink commonly used to print the words of Christ in some editions of the bible. Eventually you need run queries in more and more obscure engines – writing scripts to dig through P2P and USENET listings after the standard faire is exhausted, carefully filtering out the ‘normal’ stuff, and are about to give up when a return from YaCy points to a translation of a Spanish language site: La Iglesia del Evangelio Rojo; The single page might as well have been written in 1995 and describes a church outside of Comitán de Domínguez in Tenam-puente, Chipas, Mexico (a strange place for a Christian church) where God is still worshiped ‘the old way’. References to sacrifice and dream interpretation seem to cinch the connection; the next closest ‘chapter’ of the Red Word Church is no where near home.


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