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Buying a Sanctum, A Prudent(ial) Meeting

2014 July 6th

Finished the interrogation of the vampire. Some major points:

  • “El Papa Gris” (the Gray Pope) is working with the vampire Prince of Lawrence.
  • The Prince of Lawrence (Prince Florentino) is at odds with the Prince of Boston (Prince Scarlet), and wants her territory.
  • The Gray Pope has asked the Prince of Lawrence to have us killed. We should expect more attacks.
  • They may be working with La Iglesia del Evangelio Rojo church in Mexico, maybe even running it.
  • Sensitive to fire, or a stake through the hard. Bullets are like punches to them.
  • Detect Vampire is possible as a 2-dot Death spell. Life and Death sight should be able to spot them as well.
  • The particular group that attacked us numbers 5 vampires + 5 staff. But other families may also join in.

Regarding the possible sanctums….

18 Ethel St would be both halves of the duplex. Still, hallow is small, group leans against it.

1 Leonard Ct., Dorchester: Very close to T (red line). Right near a commercial area (2 blocks away). It’s kind of in the middle of the block, which makes it a bit more private. Small.

The group likes the hallow here, and the weirdness. It would be nice to also pick up a neighboring house to get the space we need, ideally 2 Leonard Ct which is only ~20’ away across the dead-end drive.

The bank wants 500 Tass as part of the payment. Need to figure out timeline…. Bina gives us contact info for the real estate agent, who she notes is a sleepwalker.

Bina also tells us there is another convocation scheduled at the Prudential tower (again, including others besides mages). Thursday, Feb 20th. (It’s Sunday currently.)

For now, we decide to stay at Patrick’s house, which is the largest in the party. Taking precautions in case of more vampire attacks. Trying not to travel alone, especially at night.

Want to pick up some hardware, Dragon’s Breath shotgun shells, pump shotgun (if that’s not what Desmond currently has?), crossbow, wooden dowels, see if we can make a stake-firing gun. However… this is Sunday, and nothing is sold on Sundays. So, a little delay. But nothing happens Sunday night.

We notice Alex is starting to mix up the sequence of her words. Maybe one word every couple of sentences. Blackthorn: “Sounds like Sheila Little.” Written word seems ok still. Desmond perceives that her thoughts during speech also get out of order, it’s not just affecting speech. Alex says she believes there are hidden patterns in Sheila Little’s writing, and she has been studying it intensively. Presumably this is the cause.

For now she is going to continue, but we are going to keep an eye on her. She will take some time off work, use the attack as a cover story (since police showed up, it’s on the record).

Monday, while Alex is packing her things, Desmond notices “there are a couple sets of eyes on us”. He goes over to talk. Supposedly these guys are Prince Scarlet’s. Desmond runs the plates on their truck. It’s registered to “the Estate” which is apparently a popular dance club on Boylston Street.

Blackthorn and Darasgath get a zipcar and do the shopping. Wooden dowels, crossbow, wooden bolts (or, more likely, the parts to make them). Desmond can get his own Dragon’s Breath shells (since neither of us have a gun permit to go buying ammunition).

We go meet the real estate agent at 1 Leonard Ct, Dorchester, MA. No special Death or Matter energies. Seems solid in its fundamentals. 1920 construction. The Gauntlet (into the spirit realm) is thin, about half as thick as the surrounding area. Prime shows a lot of general activity, power welling up. Clearly the previous owner used to grow some kind of plants in the basement. Currently mushrooms only. It’s maybe 50 mana worth of Tass, although also some natural mushrooms.

The other place… big, does have a hallow although small. Gauntlet is strong. Some sense of death and decay, unclear why. (The owner passed away, could be related.) But party feeling is we would rather get the stronger hallow with its weirdness.

1 Leonard Ct: $346,000 plus 500 tass is the asking price.
Offer: $280,000 plus 300 tass in one year.

Hope for 400 over 8 months.

Negotiations on Wednesday: $280,000 is not out of the question, but 300 over 12 months is not. They expected 500 in 12 months. Negotiations go well though, Patrick is a pro. Final agreement: 15 tass down, 300 tass, one year term.

Notice that Alex’s speech impediment is getting worse over the next few days. Still not affecting the written word. She continues her research. Has the impression that some of the false history “may have been true at one time”.

Patrick casts an Augury, which answers “simple questions” -

  • Will further research into the papers yield useful information?
    -- likely yes
  • How can Alex’s condition be treated?
    -- Aversion and listening
  • Does Aversion mean ceasing to read the papers?
    -- Yes
  • At what point will the condition no longer be treatable by aversion and listening
    -- So long as she can speak, her speech can be corrected.

Get working on some initial upgrades to the house – security, locks, motion sensors, cameras.

Prudential meeting – setup similar to before. Weapon checks again. This time we just check in our weapons without fuss. Fewer people than last time, but still fairly crowded. Chain Parris still acting as Consilium leader, with Nemean absent.

Potestas interrupts Chain Parris immediately after the welcome, asking about the absence of the Nemean. Parris explains he is on a “pilgrimage” and one from which he may decide not to return. The Council has concluded he has abdicated the position. Parris was acting in his position but now the Ebon Noose has appointed Tiamat as his replacement. This is the first official announcement although she is not surprised.

The Winter King is first on agenda. A number of motleys have informed him that there has been a rash of new, young fetches in the city. Suggesting high levels of Fey activity. Cases of SIDS are up 50%, also a sign of Fey activity.

Prince Scarlet and entourage arrive at this point. One member of the entourage (a young brunette woman) approaches us, leans in, gives us a small envelope. Small, square, embossed.

She reports, the Prince of Lawrence has grown bold and sent his agents to Boston to harass members of the Consilium.

There is a group of hunters and arsonists who have been making trouble in Lawrence of late, probably come down from New Hampshire.

We are called on to speak next.

Brainstorming list of things to report at the Prudential meeting:

  • [Original charge — look into whether events in New Salem and the Wood of Empty Houses were related to the world change.]
  • [We tracked the energies implicated in the real world into the Spirit World and specifically the Wood of Empty Houses, and obtained a ghostly ally.]
  • [Signs that some aspect of these energies affected dreams in the regular world.]
  • [Found Sheila Little in the Wood (who had formerly been implicated in a case of cannibalism), chained and writing dreams which were closely linked to the dreams at New Salem.]
  • Rituals performed by the Gray Pope in the Wood of Empty Houses. Multiple human sacrifices (in the Wood). Victims kidnapped by “cultists” in the real world (brown robes). Disappearances began at least a year and a half ago, possibly two, sacrifices spread out over that time. At least 12 sacrifices. At least two of the victims and probably more were mages. Identities of the victims were erased.
  • The Gray Pope appears to have some kind of religious ties which we are looking into.
  • The rituals involved sacrifices to a demon who has the capacity to change history, called “the Scribe” or “He who reveals wisdom in the fading moonlight.” (Formerly called upon by Epona’s Chariot to fight the Naumkeag.) Actions of this demon had consigned some entities into the Wood.
  • [Ghost ally (Black-eyed John) did not approve, but appears to have been barred from the Wood by other rituals (we destroyed the Ward).]
  • [Some spirits in the Wood working with the Gray Pope. But loyalties are limited as far as we can tell.]
  • Ties to cannibalistic dogma/religion, in part as a pact with a forgotten native American tribe in the Wood.
  • “The Gray Pope” has also allied himself with the Prince of Lawrence.
  • [He put a hit on us with the Prince.]
  • According to one of his subjects, the Prince of Lawrence says a new night is falling, that God’s hand is at work to strike fear into the hearts of the sinners, and that ‘the damned’ are his chosen instrument. His prince says they still have to stay hidden, for now, but that in the nights to come they will be ‘worshiped in the shadows’.
  • [The Prince intends to take control of the Boston territory.]
  • The Gray Pope has ties to a church in Mexico, La Iglesio Del Evangelio Rojo. Possibly he is a leader of it.

Items in brackets are not mentioned, items not in brackets do get covered. The only one who responded visibly to the mention of Epona’s Chariot was Tiamat — although Chain Parris also arched an eyebrow.

Have lost contact with cabal in Prague. Other cabals in eastern Europe are threatened by Hunters and other supernatural.

Ferrum of the Exalted Knights of the Gryphon (tasked with speaking to the Stone of Gilliad, a spirit court), reports that the Gray Sacchems (sp?) agree the changes are shaping the Shadow, some spirits starving while others are consuming that which is not theirs. Black Magistrates are meting out “justice” with a heavier hand than normal. More examples that refer to things we don’t know about. Lots of disruption in Shadow. They say “the entity” must be brought to justice, referring to one entity. Spirit world highly disrupted.

Dead Wrens have taken in some refugees, including from eastern European cabals.

Discussion of how to deal with the Prince of Lawrence. General agreement a response is required.

Everyone enjoined to be vigilant.

Envelope is an invitation to meet with Prince Scarlet at such-and-such a restaurant on Friday night.

I speak briefly with Ahriman (Ebon Noose), suggest that they might know more about the demon. He says he will ask Arathnos to see what he can turn up.

Potestas congratulates Darasgath on his work, and says he may have info regarding to Sheila Little’s affliction. Dara mentions that Alex is having similar symptoms. Potestas says to get the papers away from her immediately and don’t read them. Dara goes to take them and she casts a pain-causing spell at him. Desmond compels her to start handing papers over, but the spell ends quickly, she tries to grab them away but Blackthorn turns all the papers into holy bibles (3). Desmond transports them to the other side of the room.

Potestas says, “Yes, both of these individuals will need to be treated. Bring her back to my sanctum as soon as possible.”

Hand crossbow for future reference…


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