Signs and Portents

January 19th, 2014

On this night a strange energy suffused the region; sleeper behavior in the region changed in unexplainable ways, becoming much more religious and socially conservative overnight:

  • Church attendance in the region more than doubles
    • Northeastern churches which had closed in recent years are seen to be open and full for Sunday morning services
    • Nearly every place of worship is filled to capacity during services
  • The “Blue Laws” are enforced again
    • No commercial businesses are opened on Sunday in any New England state
      • Carolyn is ordered by a policeman to close her store or be reported and fined
    • No alcohol is for sale in any establishment on Sunday (except in New Hampshire)

On Tuesday the 21st a Consilium Meeting is heald at the observation level of the Prudential Tower

  • Attendance is not limited to magi
    • ‘Prince’ Scarlet of Boston’s undead court arrives (fashionably late) with her entourage
    • The ‘royals’ of the four Fairy courts are there with their attendant nobles
  • All of the supernaturals consulted agree,
    • ‘Mortal’ behavior is changed, but they do not see the change in themselves
    • Supernaturals have not been changed, and they can clearly see the changes in others
  • Some cabals report that in other places, similar changes occurred
    • Ahriman of the Ebon Noose has heard of increased religiosity around Munich and of ‘Witch Hunts’ in that region and near Maputo, Mozambique
    • Jack Hawke of Benefit Commune tells that the number of sleepers at the farm doubled overnight, that the gauntlet is thinner than usual and that a deep examination of the resonance of the land there shows that it has become anticipatory as if it is expecting something
    • Ferrum of the Exalted Knights of the Gryphon claims that a verge may have opened briefly in Boston Common and that some foreign spirits were observed nearby. Most have faded, but they are actively looking for ridden and possessed.
  • Coincidently Tisiphone of Hecatae’s Labrys (a cabal from Northampton) informs the gathering that her cabal mate, Aganippe, has gone missing after trip to Pelham
    • Aurigae of the Sagitta cabal reminds the assembled that Etamin is still missing from the same region

Several cabals are ordered into action, including Winter’s Thorn who’s to return to New Salem to investigate the strangeness going on in that region.

Signs and Portents

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