Consilium of Boston-Salem

The Councilors and the Hierarch of the Consilium meet weekly on Thursdays to administer the interests of Awakened society in the territories claimed by the Consilium. Unless otherwise noted, the first Thursday of every month is open to all Pentacle Order magi in good standing to bring their concerns before the Councilors and to hear their decrees.

The Consilium Sanctum is located on the 3rd floor of the Cormant House Museum located on 125 Derby St. Salem, MA.

There are traditionally four Councilor seats, one for each of the Diamond Orders1. However, one seat has remained unfilled since Chain Parris was named Provost to the Hierarch in 2001. He remains the Acting Councilor for the Silver Ladder. Additionally, the Guardians of the Veil withdrew from the Concilium in the 1930’s, and are unofficially represented by Numa (a Mysterium mage by training).

The Officers of the Consilium

  • Hierarch – The Nemean (cabal: Ebon Noose)
    • Provost – Chain Parris (cabal: White Putnams. Acting Councilor for the Silver Ladder)
  • Councilors
    • Hydra (cabal: Gravediggers. Councilor for the Adamantine Arrow.)
    • Potestas (cabal: Brotherhood of the Ineffable Truth. Councilor for the Mysterium.)
    • Numa (cabal: Sanguine Laurel. Acting Councilor for the Guardians of the Veil.)
  • Herald – Arathnos (cabal: Ebon Noose)
  • Sentinels
    • Anacaona de Xaragua (Ebon Noose) [First Sentinel]
    • Tiamat (cabal: Ebon Noose)
    • Nebuchadnezzar (cabal: Ebon Noose)
    • Ferrum (cabal: Exalted Knights of the Gryphon)
    • Eve (cabal: Gravediggers)
    • Hades (cabal: Gravediggers)
    • Samson (a.k.a – John Flanagan; cabal: White Putnams)

Consilium Law

The rules of arcane society are codified in a system refered to as the Lex Magicus, a Byzantine collection of laws and customs which governs everything from the proper relationships between mentors and apprentices to the circumstances under which a théarch may kill another mage or Sleeper.

The Lex is not consulted with great frequency during the consilium meetings, but a short list of the most important regulations is recited whenever a new magi is introduced to the community:

  • Cast no vulgar magic before sleepers.
  • Invoke no paradox.
  • Have no discourse with the abyss.
  • Do not traffick in souls.
    • Trafficking in awakened souls is punishable by death.
  • Respect sanctums of Consilium magi.
  • Respect neutral ground. (E.g. the Middle East club, the observation deck of Prudential Center.)

Lastly, not laws but an admonitions particular to this Consilium:

  • Avoid bringing issues to the Hierarch. First go to your cabal, then to your order councilor..Bring your porblems before the consilium as last resort.
  • Avoid the grounds of Harvard University. This area is the territory of the Seers of the Throne and the Consilium has a teaty with them.

1 The Free Council, being the 5th of the Pentacle Orders, is not officially represented in the Consilium and, if runors about the Secret Concord are true, it never will be.

Consilium of Boston-Salem

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