Black-Eyed John

"Long live King George!"


Local folktales say that John is the spirit of a Redcoat killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill. They say he was a witch who sold his soul to the Devil to rise from a pyre, but Satan demanded a thousand brave souls before he’d give John his fair looks back. This is why John fought the Sons of Liberty, and why he still thirsts for the souls of patriots. When he is fair and whole again,he’ll take bride to a secret mansion in the woods. Together, they’ll hide from the Devil in that grand, secret house

Swift as a storm and quiet as a mouse,
Black-Eyed John rides from his empty house
Off to the barren graves and gallows,
Black-Eyed John keeps the black lands fallow
Let the ruins lie or meet the red saber’s wrath,
Never plant a seed on the white horse’s path.
— The Rhyme of Black-Eyed John


Black-Eyed John

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