Awakened Boston - Shadows of the New World

What do you mean she's contagious?

In which the world changes, AGAIN

Sanctum: so far we have spent 24 XP on this. Plan is to spend more expanding it and improving the security.

Size: 2 dots (6 points)
Security: 2 dots (6 points)
Hallow: 3 dots (12 points)
Total cost: 24 points

6 of us = 4 each

Increasing security…. will eventually want to cast some spells as well, but those will be active spells or need to be sealed with a point of Willpower (which can be bought back for 8 points).

Things to do at this point:

1) Taking Alex to the Brotherhood of the Ineffable Truth (Mysterium) sanctum for help from Potestas.

2) Want to talk to our new neighbors, feel out what they actually know (Sleepwalkers?), maybe take the Voudoun angle and see if they will say more. Alex might be best for this, as she probably knows something about it, once her head is back together.

3) Prince Scarlet’s invite is pending (for Friday the 28th, about a week from now). Note that the vampire/mage conflict was 70’s/80’s, pretty much fought to a standstill. Vampires largely withdrew to Lawrence, everybody has tried to stay out of everybody else’s business since then.

The Academy, Brotherhood of the Ineffable Truth, Potestas:
After the meeting at the Prudential, we retreat back to the Brotherhood. Alex

He asks how long she has had symptoms. We estimate Monday or so (Prudential meeting was on Thursday). Asks some other questions, we try to answer. He tells us he thinks this comes from an Abyssal source, an Abyssal spirit which works through incoherent language. Was successfully treated once. He calls it “Dark Angel Aphasia.” Also suggests that Sheila Little may be contagious. Discussion of whether she is treatable, whether she is a threat to her hosts.

Potestas says that anyone showing symptoms should be removed from the source (the papers, or Sheila). It will get progressively worse until becoming mute. Most then become catatonic, and later enter a vegetative state, and a few vanish entirely.

When he did treat this, it was worse, and it took 3 weeks to recover. Mundane conversation (not on magical topics) is useful. Sobriety may be helpful.

It’s possible a potent mind spell could be helpful in rewriting the language centers of Sheila’s brain.

The next day, Blackthorn goes to visit the Dead Wrens at the Emerald Scroll with Rio, let them know about this issue, what to look out for with Sheila, etc.

Davy asks us to take Sheila back, hide her from Scrying, because his cabal’s mastigos (Rabid Annie) is showing the same symptoms as Alex. Meet them at the docks later today, around sunset (6 pm). Have Desmond try to treat her language abilities.

Discuss with the cabal, and then with Bina. Best idea seems to be Desmond’s place, which is warded already, and Bina will help with someone to stop in and help keep an eye on her.

Moriah stops by Desmond’s place shortly after this conversation. He has no TV, radio, internet… need something to keep her occupied. One of the White Putnams brings a TV, DVD player, DVDs, bedding.

Desmond, Keegan, and Rio go to pick Sheila at the docks. Desmond shields against scrying.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Alex go to research the vampire battle at the library in Salem. 70’s, early 80’s, vampires mostly in “the combat zone”. When the Nemean came into power, the vampires were running a lot of gangs and rackets, causing mayhem. He began the big push back against them. Got a small group of vampires not loyal to prince working with him. Their leader was Scarlet. Was instrumental in the burning of Prince Zuriel, and the remnants of his court fled the city, and later regrouped in Lawrence. Scarlet took control of the vampires remaining in Boston. Things have been smoother since them. Agreements were made between her and the Consilium.

Patrick also notices Alex’s notes are starting to be affected. (She also dreams of the dark angel, but doesn’t mention it.)

At the docks, Davy says we will have to be quick, Annie will be back soon. Sheila is silent, staring off into space. Does not make a sound. No issues getting her back to Desmond’s.

Over the weekend (Saturday the 22nd), Rio and Keegan go to the house to work on the security stuff.

Others are catching up on work, etc.

Declan is checking the house for death, ghosts, etc. Not much Death aspect here, though, when he looks. No ghosts detected within the property. Maybe some not so far away, in the neighborhood.

As an attempt to get Alex’s communication back, Desmond tries temporarily erases the memory of the last two weeks. This does not fix her speech, although she does not know about the pages to obsess about them.

Potestas gets back to us. Confirms writings appear to have been infectious, is having them destroyed. With Sheila turning catatonic, it’s probably no longer possible to help her, even magically. Might be able to halt the progress, but that’s it, not getting better.

Sunday night… things change. Monday morning. Computers are mostly gone, some replaced with large beige boxes with basic VGA monitors. No internet. Shortcuts to BBS networks. There’s no satellite TV. DVD player is a VCR. No network payments. Credit card systems need to be updated once a day. Smartphones mostly cease to exist, larger and Palm brand. Regular cell phones large brick design. Pagers. Payphones. Lunar landings occurred in 1979. Technology is roughly circa 1990.

News reports of border conflicts with tribal nations in the southwest, reservations are state-sized and semi-autonomous. Mexico is divided into smaller states, some of which were never fully occupied by Spain. Capital punishment legal in all 50 states, public in most of them (usually by hanging).

Does not seem like there has been a further shift in morality or religion, that was all the first time. Naumkeag are still barely mentioned in sources.

Time between first and second jump was - Jan 18th/19th. Today is February 23rd. So, 34/35 days.

Thinking of going back to the church in New Salem. Have things changed there? Also, are there any items that we can pick up linked to the church in Mexico? Letters written back and forth, etc. Anything we can use to make a portal. Also, any links to the Gray Pope. (Or, is there a tourist destination down there? Both to get there and as cover story.) Failing that, does the Mexico church have connections to local ethnic groups?

Other lead is hoping that Prince Scarlet can get us some leads. We need anything linking back to Pope. Could be items, could be people who are linked to him, etc. Maybe she has spies in Florentino’s turf?

Alex is getting better, almost normal.

On Monday, Sheila has suffered a major stroke, and goes into a vegetative state. Putnams arrange to have her “found” and transported to Mass General Hospital. We don’t think she is saveable at this point. Potestas thinks the Dark Angel has finished taking what it takes, and no longer getting anything from her.

(Regarding the other cases he’s seen, Potestas says one started with a hand-written novelette, with some sections crossed out and that scribbling out was the part that became harmful. The second was a transcript, garbled in just a few places, but the garbling was infectious.)

Drop in on our house, and on the neighbors, bringing food “too much, we thought we’d share”. The discreet networked cameras are now larger wired-in cameras. Alex is looking for a read on their voudoun, mostly New Orleans and maybe a little Haitian influence as well. Statue of one of the more protective Loa (Damballa). Alex compliments it, starts a conversation about Voudoun which Deborah Mack is quite interested in. She asks some leading questions about Alex’s personal experiences. Gets Deborah talking about lessons, channeling members of the spirit world, speaking with the dead, says she has a bit of a talent and has led seances herself. Is “in touch with her surroundings”, a lot of spiritual activity in this area.

She did notice something changed, and about a month ago, and that something noticed on the other side. He doesn’t seem to be so on board with this idea. Discussion of introducing us to the spirits — maybe tomorrow night (Wednesday)? Sure, at sunset. Will make us dinner.


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