Awakened Boston - Shadows of the New World

High Stakes Encounter

Dana, Keegan, Sean, Declan, Patrick

Alex, reading Sheila Little’s writings, thinks Sheila is being channeled information from a particular outside entity, through an intermediary entity, into Sheila’s mind and then writings.

Alex thinks the second entity is familiar — the Stork spirit we saw on the roof. Probably it was a fairly powerful entity.

Patrick Flanagan (Rick’s character) is casually strolling through his car dealership when he is struck by a Maserati driven by an underpaid young employee, and Awakens, but then is not actually hit by the car, by total chance. For the rest of the day, he constantly has premonitions of things that are about to happen, weird double-vision.

He goes to see Reagan Flanagan (the doctor). Reagan calls Bina, who shows up. Bina looks at him, and then calls Alex. They go to Alex’s, joined by Keegan and Sean. We can see that he has Awakened. Sean can see it more clearly. We give him the briefing.

Keegan notices a young hispanic male following him home. He has a recent association with death, according to his aura. Trying to remain hidden. I try to shake him in the T but fail. Call Alex, phone tree happens. Confront him, he runs, I go home. It appears no one else is following.

Someone knocks on Alex’s door, who claims to be Desmond, but something about the aura is odd, and she refuses to let him in.

Sean goes to pick up Declan. Being followed by a blue Toyota Corolla. He kills its battery.

Much phone calling….

Someone else (not Desmond) pounds on Alex’s door. “We have some business to discuss.” Loudly. She’s on the phone to Sean at this point, leaves the call open. They hurry up driving over.

He kicks in the door. Tall, ugly, pockmarked face, hispanic man in jeans and a black windbreaker. Alex shoots him in the abdomen, he flinches and there is a hole, but it doesn’t seem to slow him down. He says something under his breath in Spanish and strides into the room. Grabs Alex and opens his mouth, revealing fangs.

Fight… Declan and Sean arrive. As Declan is about to go in, someone seems to appear before him, shoots Declan. Another hispanic guy. Declan shoots him back, he flinches but does not seem seriously concerned.

Alex gets bitten.

Sean grabs a piece of wood from the door frame and stabs one (but not before being shot), Declan enlarges it in his chest and it drops.

Alex changes her blood to tree sap as it exits her body. The vampire biting her lets go, she shoots it (a third time), he steps back and vanishes.

Sirens are heard.

Sean makes Declan’s gun (which is actually Keegan’s spare gun) invisible, so the police won’t see it.

Calls made to Bina and Keegan.

Police arrive. Statements are taken. Ambulances. Notice cousin Stewart walking in, he’s one of the police.

Keegan is on his way to Bina’s. (With armor spell and mage sight…)

Dr. Reagan Flanagan meets them at the hospital and speeds up getting them released. The three of them are released from the hospital the next morning. Meet at Bina’s.

Reagan has something done with the vampire body (the one with the stake) — it turns out the body has been taken to the Putnam estate. So he can be questioned….

Things we want to know:

  • What was the motivation for the attack?
  • Are they related to the shadow on Keegan? same group?
  • How do we detect vampires? Death sight seems insufficient.
  • How do we kill vampires?

Also, getting ourselves a defensible sanctum is also becoming a priority.

Next game probably not in May… maybe in June?


daniel_reardon daniel_reardon

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