Awakened Boston - Shadows of the New World

Battle wrap-up, planning, start of trip back to New Salem

Desmond and Rio are on the street, in Desmond’s car. They see white van speeding around corner (wrong way on one-way street) with a screech of tires. Patrick has just called them.

Battle is continuing…

Scarlet shoots guy in dumpster, 4 damage.
Kyle attacks guy in corner, using his knife. 7 damage. Target falls.
Keegan conducts electricity to invisible guy, shocks him. He falls, becomes visible. Spell is Prolonged….
Guy in dumpster leaps out acrobatically and flees past Kyle. (I see that he remains in the dumpster, must be an illusion.) Does not appear to be bleeding from his bullet wounds.
Elaine looks for the vehicle we heard, which is pulling into the alley.
Madelyn turning to face van.
Patrick moves up.
Van stops at entry to alley, blocking it.
Desmond pulls up behind van.

Scarlet uses Aura Perception to perceive what’s really going on with the vanished guys.
Keegan shoots the guy who tried to escape with an illusion (Keegan can still see him). 10 damage. He falls.
Kyle decapitates the one in the corner.
Desmond rear-ends the van (with his car), pushing it forward and blocking one door.
Guy in van yells something to his companions in Spanish, cracks door open, shoots at Scarlet (1 damage).
Second guy in van shoots Desmond.
Other two breaking out the windows so they can shoot out. At least one of them has a heavier weapon (the two in front have pistols).
Madelyn moves up.
Rio sets off the airbags in the van.

Scarlet shoots someone in the van. 6 damage.
Keegan increases flammability of the van by 1.
Kyle moves to van, keeping low for cover.
Desmond takes mental control of one of the guys in the van and has him shoot the others with his automatic weapon.
That guy does 4 damage to #3, 5 points to #2, 6 points to #1.
One of them gets out and starts crawling away.
Elaine finishes that one off.
Rio drops another.

Things pretty much over functionally at this point, police sirens are heard….

Scarlet puts Elaine in charge of her people, official line is they were meeting us for business. Scarlet was never here. She and Kyle grab the first two vampires we dropped (the two Kyle did not decapitate) and quickly escape. Elaine and Madelyn leave us contact info.

The decapitated guy’s body is drying out, decaying, flaking away… Keegan and Declan turn the decapitated guy into dust (accelerate what is happening to him). I reconfigure our guns into something not a gun.

Desmond covers for us with the police. Telepathy to coordinate our stories, befuddles the investigator, etc. By midnight, we are clear. Alex, of course, has been taken in an ambulance immediately.

Desmond’s car is getting towed, since the windshield is messsed up (after taking a bullet). We take Alex’s car to the hospital.

Alex will probably be in the hospital for 3-4 days (assuming we don’t want it to be super obvious, which we don’t).

Go over our objectives again. Lawrence is sounding like a better and better idea.

Leads for Lawrence:

  • Does Patrick have a dealership in Lawrence? Maybe we can use it as a base of operations.
  • Crime profiles for different neighborhoods in Lawrence might highlight favored spots. We figure actual HQ is probably squeeky clean, maybe suspiciously so.
  • We assume we can get more info from Scarlet.

Leads for New Salem:

  • Nothing, really, just go fishing.

We are thinking we aren’t ready for Mexico. We have no idea what we’re getting into there, no sympathetic item for scrying or portaling, no intel, no passports, etc. Need to advance things before we do this trip. Lawrence is sounding better, but we’re still concerned we’re giving Scarlet too much of a favor. She’ll come out of this down an enemy. In the long term, is that beneficial? What else can we ask for? She probably is even more inclined to accept a deal after this awkward incident.

Meet with Bina in hospital so Alex can participate (Sunday morning, fight was Friday night). If we do this, does she have suggestions for what we should ask Scarlet for? Our main ideas are something from the Mexico church, and intel on the Harvard mages. Bina is very interested in knowing what Harvard’s response to the Gray Pope is. They have paid lip service to the idea that he is a threat to them as well as us, but no actions as far as we know. What’s really going on? She can’t think of anything else.

(Bina clarifies to Declan that Harvard represents the “Seers of the Throne” rather than, like us, the Diamond/Pentacle. We see magic as a legacy of humanity; they see it as a way of exerting control. They serve the Exarchs who suspposedly threw down Atlantis, and who created the Lie. There have been some past alliances, e.g. against the vampires, but rarely.)

Things to ask Scarlet:

  • Item from Mexico church. Something with a sympathetic connection, and intel. Maybe she has people in the immigrant community, or knows people who know the area.
  • Info on Harvard and the mages who use it as their territory, in particular what is their real reaction to the Gray Pope’s work?

We plan to ask for both. If a choice must be made, we put Harvard as first priority, and Mexico second. Obviously we also need the intel on Lawrence as a starting point, but that should be a freebie once we agree to track Prince Florentino.

Other things to do in downtime:

  • Training — many party members have not been pushing themselves.
  • Kevlar vests are looking like a better and better idea.
  • Ritual magic to empower medical equipment (Alex + Blackthorn synergistic ritual), what’s possible?

We decide to get the ball rolling on those things (to be handled on-line), and then get ourselves to New Salem, which should be lower risk.

On Monday, Alex is released, to recover at home in bed. As soon as she is in the car the healing spells start and she is fine. We go to New Salem. Desmond says no one is in the church now (scrying), Alex senses no Life.

Goal is to go through the offices, look through the papers and effects, try to find things from Mexico. Use Space magic? Fate? Time to detect anomalies from the world change? Patrick will have to go in for Fate and Time. Rio for Prime, look for signs of the effects he saw before. Keegan may follow as backup if needed.

Contemplating the best approach, there’s snow on the ground, so we would be leaving tracks if we go around back. (Maybe we can prevent that with Matter?) Front door is obvious. Academy across the street is kind of busy….,-72.3313541,111m/data=1e33m1!1s0x89e1361dff1632bd:0×9ae142530b9d8ad

We’re thinking we should do this late at night, to avoid neighbors. Quietly approach from behind the church.


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